Horizons After Party Image: colorful rainbow rays with text overlaid on image generated by Midjourney

Forward Together

The Unofficial Horizons Afterparty!

Friday 9/16 + Saturday 9/17, 2022

7pm Doors/8pm Party

The Den on Yamhill, Portland

Two nights of celebration and solidarity after Horizons Northwest Psychedelic Conference in support of accessible psychedelic therapies for all.

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Equity priced tickets are available.

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rainbow rays emanating from the center by Olivia Guethling and Midjourney


We believe that healing and celebration are our collective birthrights, and that under conscious stewardship, traditional medicines like psilocybin can be integrated into society in a good way. We know that the best efforts to serve the community are led by the community. For this reason, several culture-shaping non-profit and community groups in the psychedelic ecosystem will coalesce in an unforgettable Horizons NW after party. We will gather to center and uplift our shared core values: equity, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and reciprocity within the psychedelic field.

Together, we are reaching toward a future beyond the limiting mainstream systems of commodification, extraction and competition. There is a future on the horizon in which we all thrive, and while it is still a dream, it is worth striving for.

We invite you to join us to dance, dream together, and form bonds strong enough to hold a lofty vision: a hope of course-correcting the global psychedelics movement and shifting paradigms toward a field that is dedicated to justice, access, and reciprocity so that all of us can heal and thrive.

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BelovedAlma InstituteNPA



Organizations supporting expanded access to psychedelics, therapy, + facilitation:

Sequoia CenterFireside Project
Psychedelic Bar Association APPA
Access 2 DoorwaysGrow Medicine
SNaP Lab
Alixa Garcia


Alixa García is a Colombian born, globally raised, multidisciplinary artist and movement architect whose work is imbued in ritual, spirit, and deep reverence for our Great Mother, Great Lover: our Earth. She is an award-winning activist, poet, and filmmaker. She is also a professional musician, co-founder of Climbing PoeTree, a writer, visual artist, and facilitator.

Rooted in social and environmental justice, her performances, keynote speaking, and facilitation have taken her around the globe, from South Africa to Ecuador, Cuba to Scotland, and beyond, and has been featured at hundreds of universities, conferences, and festivals including Harvard, Bioneers National Conference, Lightning in a Bottle & Beloved Festivals.

Tonya Abernathy in black and white singing into a microphone

Tonya Abernathy

Tonya Abernathy has been involved with community healing work and voice embodiment all her life. Passionate about people and joy, she accesses plant allies, sound, music, touch, and intuition to lovingly doula individuals' healing.

Tonya teaches individuals and groups about how to embody their voice for health and well being. She also is a professional singer and has toured for the last years, throughout the country, with Taina Asili and Climbing PoeTree.

Feeling called to move specifically in grief settings, in groups, she has spent the last few years nurturing that passion. She has a trauma informed, social justice and cultural awareness approach. She is committed to working and supporting her BIPOC communities into health.

DanniG on a red background wearing a yellow beret and yellow velvet shirt and gold chains


DanNiG (Danni G) is a Venezuelan native DJ / producer always bringing the latest sounds from all over the world strongly focused on south African and Afro-Caribbean music.

DJ Lapaushi in black and white

DJ Lapaushi

Inés Paulina Ramírez- aka Lapaushi- was born in Ecuador; she is a visual artist and DJ, currently part of Noche Libre Latinx DJ Collective in Portland, Oregon. She mixes urban Latin rhythms that include feminist hip-hop, reggaeton, electrocumbia, cumbia Andina, descarga, sonidero and chicha psicodélica. - “Pura sabrosura”.

Her selections come from years of traveling, collecting and sharing music from various regions of Latin America that explore Indigenous memory and African roots while incorporating contemporary electronic beats.

Manoj at Beloved Festival

Menage {Manoj}

DJ Manoj arose from the dancefloor and will always be a dancer at heart. He is one of the pioneers in the west coast dance culture emerging circa 1991 both shaping and being shaped by this amazing adventure.

Continually moved and changed by the power of music and the many transformational experiences he encounters while dancing and performing, he now dedicates his life to share with others the inspiration that he has received.

Understanding and deeply rooted in the legacy of the the most formidable founding DJ's, that the power of dance music is unleashed through the ability to take dancers on a journey, he uses the contemporary technologies available with the vast genres of music to weave a limitless musical landscape.

Realizing every opportunity to play music for others is a gift, he does his best to stay open, meet the dancers where they are at and then take them to a more inspiring, lighter and playful space within themselves as the music comes through.

Aria in front of red leaf trees


Aria Tau is a medicine musician, fire dancer and community leader who writes, produces and performs sacred deep house and techno. She has a background in classical and jazz vocals, piano and is a multi-instrument musician.

Aria’s ethereal vocals, set over groovy downtempo, Afrotech, progressive house, and melodic techno take you on a spiritual journey that is deeply moving, emotive and uplifting. Her lyrics are soulful and raw, drawing from a lifetime of processing heavy life experiences, healing intergenerational trauma, and finding the courage and confidence within to follow her dreams and manifest a healthy, loving world.

Hailing from South Africa and residing in Portland, Aria is the founder of 'Sacred Waters', a medicine and integration community that gathers to heal, grow and celebrate the medicine of music through song, dance and deep connection with the divine.

Paul holding a horn into a mic in the desert

Cobra Wolf Shark

Growing up in the rural Northwest corner of Washington State, his father a physics and natural science professor and his mother an accomplished pianist, teacher and organist, Paul Theodore Chandler ("Pablo") began his path into music starting with violin at the age of three. Next came the trumpet, the guitar, french horn, bass and drums; the piano was always around.  After performing in the high school jazz band, the community symphony, and playing in a few garage rock bands, Paul went on to pursue music at U.C. Santa Cruz where he discovered the electronic music program and was turned on to DJ and rave culture on the weekends in San Francisco.

Paul returned to his home state to attend Western Washington University and study jazz performance and arrangement with Chuck Israels while continuing to expand beyond his music performance background, taking the audio recording and engineering courses as well as being involved in the underground DJ scene. The next step on his musical journey was to be accepted into a one year diploma course from the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in England where he studied everything from music production and engineering to music business and copyright law as well as held down several DJ residencies.

Claudia Cuentas with a tambor

Claudia Cuentas

Claudia Cuentas, (MA, SEP, LMFT) is an artist, educator, somatic practitioner and researcher. She has been singing and dancing since birth, inspired by sound, the healing arts and the ability of the human spirit to overcome difficulty and transform it into new life.

Claudia comes from an Andean lineage of Peru, and for the last 15 years has combined her traditional healing practices with western approaches to work creatively with individuals, couples, families and groups. She offers one on one sessions and group work with elements of Andean sound healing, creative movement and voice embodiment.  She has a trauma informed, social justice and cultural awareness approach. She is committed to working and supporting her BIPOC communities into health. She is also Alma's Institute Culture Director.

Bizio in a vest with a hood smiling behind a large fern


For nearly a decade, Nico Bisio, better known as "Bizio" has been a driving dance floor force in the Pacific North West. Known for his smooth blends of weaving rich melodies, psychedelic soundscapes, and brain tickling noises, he serves these sounds on a plate of house music rhythms straight to your ears. From those very ears Bizio always takes the dance floor on a journey with him both inward and outward: as above, so below. “Through the communal nature of dance we find peace and healing in each other, and a for a beautiful moment we become one without a care in the world, with the hope we can bring a piece of that euphoria back to our day to day.” This philosophy has been the guiding ethos in all endeavors Bizio has embarked on when it comes to dance. Bizio most recently has taken up creating music of his own with his most notable releases being in collaboration with his dear friend Luke Mandala on Desert Trax and Merkaba Music. More original music should be expected imminently, until then, see you on the dance floor.

Wild Datura DJs


From Portland, OR, Meagan Hardy & AstaRae together make Wild Datura. Their breadth and appreciation of refined sound leads them to seek tracks that truly stand apart for their beauty, complexity, natural and world elements, as well as deep and dirty booty dropping bass. Depending on the crowd and the hour, dance floor enthusiasts can expect to hear anything from organic and melodic house to deep bass and bass house to psychedelic soundscapes. Their sweet, playful spirits, and deep connection to the psychedelic community is sure to enliven and nurture any deep dancing heart-open space.

Inner Expression with colorful dots and lights at the computer wearing headphones

Inner Expression

"Portland’s somatic bass experience."

Inspired by spiritual awakening, Inner Expression guides listeners through an embodIment of spirit through the experience of emotion through music and movement. Through a contemporary infusion of stringed instruments, tantalizing vocal samples and modern sound design, his sets create a dynamic heart opening journey for the mind, body and spirit.

Mark Farry in front of a very large plant smiling

Mark Farry

Mark Farry is one of Portland's favorite DJ’s in town. He always delivers a set with depth while simultaneously maintaining an exceptional dance momentum. Mark plays flowing rhythms for the body, weaves dynamic melodies for the ear, and unfolds a sonic narrative for the heart and mind.

With emotive, melodic, and exotic house music he is always seeking to provide an experience beyond the ordinary by taking the listener through a voyage of sound.

Mark has shared the lineup with respected artists such as 16BL, Ardalan, Lonely Boy, Justin Campbell, Ben Anand, Washed Out, and more.

His personal journey has taken him from remote wilderness locations to festival stages to nightclubs to playa sunrises to remote German barn parties and beyond, but he would tell you that it has only just begun.

K. Maitri at the console smiling

K. Maitri

Long time dancer and more recently delighted curatrix of ecstatic dance containers in Portland OR, K.Maitri leans into rich sounds from around the globe backed by luscious big bass to create journeys that draw the body into motion and buoy the soul into flight.

Blake Rudolph in black and white twiddling knobs as DJ

Blake Rudolph

Blake has been delivering a unique blend of house and techno to dance floors throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2011. His sets embody the vibe of the crowd and environment in a dynamic way which tells a new story each time he is behind the decks. Using a full spectrum of tunes that range from deep, minimal flavors and house and disco favorites all the way to driving techno and everything in between, Blake has found a way to curate a dynamic approach to weave various sounds of the underground into a cohesive soundscape that keeps dance floors on their toes and wanting more. As part of the Proper Sound crew, he and his team have been making waves since the introduction of their monthly event on First Thursdays of every month now on their second year of residency in Portland.

ALMA institute text on blurry trees background


Alma Institute is an Oregon-based nonprofit psychedelic training and mentorship program. Alma's mission is to strengthen and diversify the legal psychedelic facilitators by offering prioritized enrollment and certification opportunities to members of systemically oppressed and low-income groups.

We are building a state-approved training and certification program to prepare Oregon facilitators for licensure under Measure 109, the Psilocybin Services Act.

blue ink with NPA logo

National Psychedelics Association

At the NPA, our mission is to ensure all Americans have the support they need accessing psychedelic-assisted care. 

We know this is achievable through the development of state-regulated psychedelic-assisted service programs like Oregon’s Measure 109. However, unlike the existing medical system, state-regulated models for psychedelic-assisted care need critical infrastructure to deliver equitable access safely. That's where we come in.

Our intention is to provide the low cost, community focused infrastructure that will be necessary to ensure these new models of care are universally accessible.

As a professional association, we'll serve licensees in state-regulated psychedelic-based programs, providing them with business, banking, and insurance solutions.

As a group of like-minded individuals, we’ll work hard so we all move forward together!

Tree logo with green background on a circle

Sequoia Center

Redefining Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Services in Oregon

Sequoia Center was founded as a response to the growing disparity between the need for psychedelic-assisted therapy and access to affordable services. As boutique for-profit psychedelic therapy retreat centers continue to proliferate across the country, many people who are most in need of services find them financially out of reach. Our goal is to remedy this growing gap by pouring our funding into the services we provide, not into the pockets of shareholders.

​To ensure that the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy is ethical, clinically-relevant, and evidenced-based, we value conducting clinical outcomes research in addition to providing services to the community. We aim to help the psychedelic-assisted therapy community define best practices, develop clear ethical standards, train new practitioners, and educate the public.

Text on orange and pink background featuring DJ image and overlay: Fireside Psychedelic Peer Support Line

Fireside Project

Fireside Project’s Psychedelic Peer Support Line offers free, confidential peer support by phone and text message to people in the midst of psychedelic experiences, people holding space for others who are in the midst of psychedelic experiences, and people integrating past psychedelic experiences.

The Psychedelic Peer Support Line is staffed by compassionate, supportive volunteers from diverse backgrounds who are trained to listen deeply and from a place of non-judgment. All volunteers have completed our rigorous training program, which includes components such as active listening, providing support during psychedelic experiences, integration, and providing support by text message.

Grow Medicine logo on white circle

Grow Medicine

Grow Medicine is a project of the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund.

Grow Medicine Works To: Inform and educate the psychedelic and medicine community about the impact of our choices around plant medicine consumption, including the risks and threats these biocultures face.

Inspire the community to shift from an extractive, reductionistic mentality to a more whole systems approach to plant medicine conservation that understands the symbiotic relationship between plants, land, culture and communities.

Educate the community about best practices, the importance of understanding what benefit-sharing means and how we, as individuals benefiting from these experiences, can participate in it.

Access2Doorways gold logo

Access 2 Doorways

"Access to Psychedelic Psychotherapy FOR ALL OF US"

Healing for Queer & Trans Folx, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color seeking legal psychedelic therapies by Queer and BIPOC psychedelic providers. Access to Doorways was founded a Queer Black woman seeking to address the huge racial gap and low representation from sexual and gender minorities in both clients accessing psychedelic medicines in a therapeutic setting, and therapists providing these services.

Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Iboga and Sassafras (bio parent of MDMA) have been used by Indigenous communities of color for thousands of years but Black, Indigenous People of Color have little access to these medicines today. In our first year we want to provide subsidized Ketamine Assisted Therapy to 100 Black, Indigenous People of Color and Queer, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and two spirit clients struggling with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Tree with hands and DNA illustration

American Psychedelic Practitioners Association

MISSION: APPA’s mission is to support practitioners and beneficiaries in developing and integrating safe, effective and accessible psychedelic medicine services for the advancement of healthcare and collective wellbeing.

VISION: To establish Standards of Care and Standards of Training and engage the healthcare system in adopting psychedelic care.

To promote Advocacy for safe, effective, and accessible care for all who can benefit.

To provide Education, mentorship, and cross-pollination for this multidisciplinary community of practitioners.

To build a Community founded on the mosaic of identities, experiences, perspectives, and needs from the psychedelic field. A community that honors and learns from the wisdom passed down through generations of traditional psychedelic practices and the discoveries from ongoing and future scientific research.

Psychedelic Bar Association text with eye illustration featuring scales of justice in the pupil

The Psychedelic Bar Association

The Psychedelic Bar Association is an association of accomplished attorneys from all practice areas and perspectives dedicated to solving the novel legal and policy issues impacting the emerging psychedelics sector.

We share in common a recognition of the paradigm shift undeniably underway and our commitment to showing up in our role as a positive, unifying force in this important moment.

Working together to embody the principles of our ethics pledge, we are transforming our perspectives and the practice of law.

SnaP LAB logo

SNaP Lab

Social Neuroscience and Psychotherapy Lab

SNAP Lab aims to maximize the benefits of therapeutic alliance and psychotherapy through the adjunct use of social psychopharmacology, such as oxytocin, MDMA, and psilocybin.

The Den on Yamhill

(Formerly Refuge PDX)

116 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97217, USA

COVID PROTECTIONS: We will follow all State, Federal, and CDC guidelines and recommendations, and we strongly encourage the use of masks as long as viruses are circulating in our community.