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Parking & Camping

Why Did We Move?


We begin




After Beloved 2019, we received over a thousand pieces of written feedback.

We read every single one.

We heard overwhelmingly that you want a Beloved experience that:

  • Allows for ease of entrance and exit.
  • Is smaller, deeper, and more intimate.
  • Is accessible to community members with mobility challenges and disabilities.
  • Has spacious campgrounds and parking lots.
  • Accounts for the safety of the entire community.

Our new venue is a spacious, level forested meadow nestled between the east side of the Mohawk River and the surrounding foothills of the Cascades near Marcola, Oregon on the lands of the Kalapuya.

Plenty of flat camping space graces the land where your tent won't be miles from your car.

We will be updating this page with details as they become available.

More details about available parking and camping passes are on our ticketing page:



The right-sized home

means the land and the gathering

work in synergy

that supports both.

This location

allows for

ample parking

and the ability to access your vehicle.


Check back and

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for announcements.

All campsites are expected to be modestly sized. We encourage the creation of group camps where one living/kitchen area is shared among several participants, get to know each other, and create community!

Camp Host Stations will be located throughout the site. Our Camp Hosts will be available to assist your parking and arrival as well as maintain enough camping space for all. Camp Host Stations will be where handcart check-out is located and will be your source for event information. Handcarts are available to assist with gear transportation, but you are responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading your own belongings.

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles over 20’ are considered oversized. This includes vehicles towing trailers where the total length of vehicle plus trailer is over 20′. Vehicles over 45’ will not be permitted onto the festival grounds under any circumstances. Oversized vehicles MUST purchase an Oversized Vehicle pass.

More details about available parking and camping passes are on our ticketing page!