Land Acknowledgement

For twelve years, Beloved took place on unceded Siletz territory in so-called Tidewater Falls. This occurred without sufficient recognition, permission or acknowledgement of the peoples native to this bioregion.

We wish to acknowledge this utter lack of basic courtesy as guests is a continuation of settler-colonial entitlement to spaces, and to acknowledge the harm this has done.

Here are some of our first steps towards this end:

  • Apologizing is of course the literal least we could do, but is nevertheless not optional but rather a first step into grief-literacy being asked of those with power and privilege in times like these.
  • Towards repair, we are initiating conversations with the Native stewards of the new location and will be moving at the speed of trust to court a relationship with the local Tribal Elders.
  • We are committed to materially compensating and supporting all native people and organizations involved. Our goal is to center and amplify native and indigenous teachers and voices while listening and keeping critical channels open.
  • We ask that all Beloved attendees deeply consider the legacy of the land and its original inhabitants where we hold the gathering as a place of story and learning with lessons for those who show up reachable, teachable and ready. May your presence at Beloved be the signal that indeed you are.

Our recognition of the indigenous Native American inhabitants of this land is just one small step in recognizing our responsibility for restoration and repair.

These are some of the ways that we can all step forward: