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Getting There

Transportation Options

If you are NOT driving to the event, you DO NOT NEED to purchase a parking pass.  There are, of course, a multitude of ways for you to arrange transportation to the event. Explore two of the most popular ways Beloveds like to arrive!


Carpooling is a great way to save money and connect with friends/meet new friends on the way to Beloved. Only one parking pass is needed per vehicle! We will launch a rideboard later this spring to help facilitate a smooth carpooling experience. You can both look for or provide a ride on the rideboard. Check back soon!


Beloved Festival is pleased to offer a biodiesel shuttle service in partnership with ecoShuttle. There are shuttles departing on both Thursday and Friday from a central Portland and central Eugene location easily accessible by public transit where you will safely be able to leave your car for the weekend. Return trips are available on Sunday and Monday. Please see our ticket page to purchase shuttle tickets. More shuttle times may become available based on interest.

You will bypass the Welcome Center, receive your wristband on the shuttle, and get dropped off at a Camp Host Station where you’ll get up-to-date information on available campsites.

Be prepared to personally transport your gear from the shuttle stop to your camp location. Pack light and combine as many items as possible. In this way, you can take responsibility for the ease of your arrival and departure. Handcarts will be available to assist with gear transportation but you are responsible for loading, transporting and unloading your own belongings.

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