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General Questions


What about the Public Health Emergency created by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to the CDC, there is tremendous uncertainty, and we are proceeding as if we’re needed. All tickets purchased by 5/10/2020 may be exchanged for tickets to future Beloved Presents events.

In the event of postponement or cancellation, an email will be sent to the email address provided by you in the ordering process to notify you of the event status.

Where does the event take place?

Beloved’s new venue is a spacious, level forested meadow nestled between the east side of the Mohawk River and the surrounding foothills of the Cascades near Marcola, Oregon on the lands of the Kalapuya. Check back closer to the event to download driving directions! Driving there takes approximately...

From Eugene: 30 minutes
From Portland: 2 hours
From Bend, Hood River, or Ashland : 2.5- 3 hours
From Seattle: 4.5 hours
From Vancouver, BC: 7.5 hours
From San Francisco: 9 hours

When can we arrive? When do we have to leave?

The Gates open at 2:00 PM on Thursday for Early Entry Thursday passholders. Please do not arrive before this time. No arrivals will be permitted into the venue before or after the gates close. Please DO NOT plan to arrive at any time that the gates are closed on any day of the event. Please review the Welcome Center/Gate Schedule (posted below).

If you need to get close to the site when the gates are not open, there are campgrounds and hotels nearby. Please review the gate schedule, and plan to arrive during the hours that it is open. Vehicles and patrons that arrive when the gates are closed will not be permitted onsite until the gate opens the following day.

All vehicles and people must leave the venue by Monday at 2:00 PM.

What is your re-entry policy?

To ease pressure on our admissions and parking staff, we ask that you plan to leave your car parked for the entire time you are at the event. You will be permitted to walk to your car and retrieve anything you need throughout the event. No ins and outs will be permitted.

Is Beloved child-friendly?

Yes! Children and teens are welcome at Beloved. However, our Starseed Village & Teen Outpost is not a child care center; it is a place where children and their parents can learn, play, and connect. Special youth programming is curated throughout the event at this space. Children under 11 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Patrons under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult upon arrival.

Will you post a downloadable event schedule?

Program guides, including complete music, education, and performance schedules will be distributed to all attendees. Schedules will also be available for online viewing closer to the event. Be sure to sign up for our e-news to get all info updates.

Do you offer work-trade or scholarships?

Yes! We love our volunteer family. Close to 300 work-trade positions are available. We also offer a Financial Assistance Event Pass awarded based on need. All applications can be found here.

What types of vendors will be on hand?

Beloved welcomes offerings that are regional, that support those whose identities are most impacted by marginalization, are worker-owned, mindful of our fragile biosphere, and are representative of the traditions, cultures, and lifeways of the vendors’ respective ancestries and traditions.

Food vendors will be many and varied. We are carefully curating a selection of healthy whole food providers. All food vendors will strive to use organic ingredients and will participate in our reusable dish exchange program. See more about our Eco-Ethics here.

We will also be curating a craft vending village that offers devotional/ ceremonial goods including but not limited to: nourishing food, jun, chocolate, crystals, jewelry, statuary, incense, artwork, and clothing. All applications can be found here.

Can I smoke at Beloved?

Yes, but please be mindful of those around you when choosing to smoke. We ask that you not smoke on the dance floor or in other crowded areas. Our site is frequently under fire restrictions, so please dispose of your ash and cigarette butts responsibly. We suggest using a small metal tin or other container to do so!

Ticketing Questions


I bought a ticket and cannot attend. Can I get a refund? Can I transfer it to someone I gift/sell it to?

All tickets purchased by 5/10/2020 may be exchanged for credit for future Beloved events. Like most live event productions, we have always maintained a no refund policy. We are making tickets exchangeable, and we are considering revisions to this policy to support our community in light of uncertainty through COVID-19.

We encourage you to sell or gift your tickets if you are unable to attend.* All print at home or mobile tickets are barcoded for scan/validation onsite, so they're each good for one use only. Please be sure to transfer the ticket into the new person's name if selling or gifting.

*Due to advanced scheduling of massages, our Oasis Massage add-on is non-transferrable.

How do I change the name on my ticket?

You can manage your tickets and parking passes through your Brightstar account. Learn how to change the name on a ticket here.

What about children’s tickets?

Event Passes for youth 11 and under are $5 (+fees). Teen Event Passes may be purchased for youth between the ages of 12 and 17. All patrons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian at the time of arrival.

Will tickets be available for purchase at the event gates?

Not likely. The event typically is soul’d out well in advance.

Can I get a one-day pass?

Closer to the event date, Sunday Only passes may be released on our ticket page.

Are Payment Plans available?

Yes, we have payment plans available. It will allow you to split your payment over 2-6 payments depending upon date of purchase. Your tickets will be emailed to you immediately upon checkout. Make sure your payments are paid on or before your due dates. We also offer a Financial Assistance Event Pass awarded based on need. The application can be found here.

Are BIPOC discount tickets transferable?

A BIPOC ticket may only be transferred to another attendee who is Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color. Please contact us at tickets@belovedfestival.com if you need to transfer a ticket and are unable to transfer to another BIPOC.

Trans, non-binary, disabled, low-income, and other Beloveds face barriers to access as well. How are you addressing this?

We are dedicated to challenging all systems of oppression, and have made an intentional choice to prioritize increased access for people who face systemic racism (many of whom are also trans, non-binary, disabled, and/or low-income). This is an early step, and we welcome feedback and critique to help us improve and take further action.

Camping Questions


Will we have to schlep our gear far to our campsites?

The distance to campsites depends on which tent camping site you select. In general, it is about a 4-8 minute walk on relatively flat ground from the general parking area to our forest camping. Be prepared to personally transport your gear. Pack lightly and combine as many items as possible. In this way, you can take responsibility for the ease of your arrival and departure.

Handcarts will be available to check out at Camp Host Stations. Handcarts are available to assist with gear transportation, but you are responsible for loading, transporting and unloading your own belongings.

Will there be enough camping for everyone?

Yes. Our new venue has combined its efforts to encourage the regeneration of a diverse and healthy forest with our desire for expanded camping.

All campsites are still expected to be modestly sized. Our Camp Hosts will assist in maintaining open space for everyone! Please be respectful of their requests.

What should I bring?

Check out our What To Bring section on the website for a helpful packing list!

What amenities will you be providing at the campgrounds?

There will be water faucets, medical staff, composting toilets, handwashing stations, and much more. There will also be pay-per-use showers and saunas through the Oasis Bathhouse & Bodywork. Full list of amenities at our new venue coming soon!

What emergency services will be available on site?

The White Bird Clinic is operated non-stop throughout the event by a dedicated team of volunteer MDs, NDs, RNs, EMTs and trained healers of many modalities. The team is available to assist with any first aid/medical situations that might arise. The White Bird Clinic is also a safe space to process and re-integrate information and feelings from difficult psychospiritual experiences.

Is there anything that we cannot bring onto the site?

Do not bring dogs, glass, weapons, or items to vend (unless you are a registered vendor). See our list of forbidden items here.

Will there be quiet camping?

The Family Car Camping area will be the quietest camping onsite.

Will there be ice available for sale?

Yes. Ice will be available for sale at the Cafe.

Can I bring my RV? What constitutes an "RV"?

Yes, with the purchase of an oversized vehicle pass. Awnings, tents, or overflow from the vehicle are NOT permitted in this area. You must be self-contained in your vehicle. An oversized vehicle is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width, or height than a normal sixteen passenger van (about 20′ long). All oversized vehicles, trailers, and campers that are towed and buses are considered RVs. Striving to minimize the ecological impact of the event, we must severely limit the number of RVs onsite. Vehicles over 45’ will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Can I camp by or in my vehicle in the parking lot?

Yes! We offer car camping passes where you can camp in or next to your vehicle. You will be allotted a 20’ x 20’ space for your vehicle and camping setup. Please note that our car camping is in a meadow, and there will be direct sunlight at some times; please BYOS (bring your own shade).

Can I bring my motorcycle to Beloved?

Yes. We offer a parking pass just for motorcycles/motorbikes! Upon arrival, Camp Hosts will guide you to available camping in our Forest Camping area.

Do I have to purchase a parking pass?

If you are driving to the event, you must purchase a parking pass. Please choose the parking pass that corresponds to your camping wants/needs. One parking pass is required per vehicle and includes camping for 4-6 people depending on which parking pass you purchase. Details are listed on our ticket page.

Can I purchase a parking pass separately?

Yes, you can purchase a parking pass at any time, but please keep in mind that parking passes are limited. If you know you're driving to the event, we recommend that you purchase your parking pass as soon as you are able.

Venue Questions


What is the new Beloved venue like?

Beloved takes place in a magical forest. Beloved’s new venue is a spacious, level forested meadow nestled between the east side of the Mohawk River and the surrounding foothills of the Cascades near Marcola, Oregon on the lands of the Kalapuya. The terrain is easily navigable, but still offers unique nooks and crannies to set up camp amongst the trees. The parking meadow on our new site will make entry and exit easier than ever before!

How can I get to Beloved?

Beloved’s greatest environmental impact comes from our travel to and from the event. You can significantly reduce this impact by carpooling or using the ecoShuttles. We ask that you carpool with others who plan to camp in the same area as you do. Our rideshare board is a great way to connect with both drivers and riders. A link to the rideshare board will be posted soon! Shuttle tickets are available on our ticket page.

Will there be an information booth?

Yes, please check the map upon arrival for the exact location of the Info Booth. We also will have Camp Host Stations throughout the site to answer any questions.

Where can I find the Lost & Found?

The Lost & Found will be managed at our Info Booth. Please visit this booth to search for your missing items. Items left after the event can be claimed via email. More info will be posted on the website following the event.

Will there be first aid on site?

Yes, the White Bird Clinic provides non-stop first aid. Please check the map upon arrival for the exact location of the White Bird Clinic.

How much is water?

Clean drinking water is free. There will be water refill stations for you to refill your own containers. Please bring your own reusable water bottles! They will also be available for purchase onsite at our Market.

Will my cell phone work on the site? Will there be pay phones?


Will there be showers?

The Oasis Bathhouse & Bodywork will provide a sauna, showers, and grooming station for a small fee; BYOT (bring your own towels). Massages are also available for purchase.

Welcome Center / Gate Schedule


Our Box Office is located at our Welcome Center. Hours are as follows:

Thursday, August 13th
Gate and Welcome Center open at 2:00PM and close at 11:59PM
(For Early Entry Thursday Pass holders only)

Friday, August 14th
Gate and Welcome Center open at 10:00AM and close at 10:00PM

Saturday, August 15th
Gate and Welcome Center open at 10:00AM and close at 10:00PM

Sunday, August 16th
Gate and Welcome Center open at 11:00AM and close at 4:00PM


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