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Artist Spotlight: PEIA

Highlighting Peia's newest offering - the debut with Beloved Presents of her short film "To The Well": the culmination of several months of grant study in the Gaeltachts (Irish speaking regions) of Western Ireland, and its supporting tour.

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Interview: Peia and the Mythic Power of Ancient Music

Beloved interviews Peia advance of her Night Of Song Tour to dive into how human culture is woven by the kind of remembering that requires the body's felt experience of the land itself.

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Artist Spotlight: WITCH PROPHET

Queer, Canadian Ethio-Jazz, operatic soul + alternative R&B artist WITCH PROPHET comes to Portland, Oregon as part of BELOVED EMERGENCE on JUNE 4th!

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Artist Spotlight: SUDAN ARCHIVES

Genre-defying afro-futurist loops, beats, violins and more: Meet Brittney Denise Parks aka SUDAN ARCHIVES.

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Artist Spotlight: DIRTWIRE

Artist Spotlight: Bluestronic multi-instrumentalist space cowboys DIRTWIRE in PDX on June 4th for BELOVED EMERGENCE